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The Flasher! DF-100
Sterilizable Defibrillator Tester for the Operating Room

The Flasher is an internal defibrillator tester that is totally sealed, can be sterilized, and is suitable for use during open heart procedures. The Flasher can test an internal defibrillator before, during and after surgery.
DF-100 The Flasher!
The Flasher requires no adjustment, can be gas sterilized with ethylene-oxide (ETO) or using the STERRAD* system and kept in the O.R. or Cath. Lab until internal defibrillation is likely, then remove from the sterile package and you're ready to test.

Any defibrillator can be tested by placing the paddles or spoons onto the two stainless electrodes then discharging the defibrillator.  The spot will flash, showing the defibrillator functioned properly.

Use standard ethylene oxide gas (ETO) or STERRAD*

Clean the unit and sterilize, its ready to use again.

No calibration steps or adjustments required, just open the sterile package and use.

A 50 ohm industry standard load is presented to the defibrillator. The Flasher will test internal defibrillator energy from 5 to 50 J.

Function is indicated by a sealed internal neon lamp flashing upon defibrillator discharge.

3.5" diameter by 1.1" high
Indicactes 5 to 50 Joules
Made of a sterilizable epoxy resin, stainless steel contacts, neon lamp sealed inside, internal 50 ohm load.
Epoxy resin is now used rather than a polymer resin plastic making it much more resilient to dropping and handling

*STERRAD system is a trademark of Advanced Sterilization Products, a Division of Johnson & Johnson Medical, Inc.

DF-100 Operating Instructions
DF-100 Cleaning & Sterilization

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